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Field Safety


Any field research program that is based at the WRS is required to have a field safety protocol from their home institution prior to the commencement of any field work, and it is recommended that all researchers follow the Algonquin Provincial Park policies applicable to field researchers.


Black Bears


Black bears (ursa americanus) occur in Algonquin Park and precaution needs to be taken when working in black bear habitat. Please see:


- The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Bear Wise website for tips on coexisting with black bears.


- The Algonquin Provincial Park problem black bears policy (MS Word)


- The updated Ministry of Natural Resources Black Bear Encounter Safety Policy (MS Word)


- The Get Bear Smart Society website for advice on travelling and working in bear country.


Working in the interior


Working in the interior of Algonquin Park requires precaution with regards to travel and communication. Please see:


- The Algonquin Provincial Park Bush Roads Travelling procedure (MS Word)


- The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources communications safety policy (MS Word)


Off-Season Field Work


November to April is the off-season in Algonquin Park. This means fewer staff are available and additional precautions must be taken to keep everyone safe. Please see:


- The Algonquin Provincial Park seasonal policy for working in the backcountry and remote areas (MS Word)


- The Algonquin Provincial Park working on ice policy (MS Word)


Extreme Weather


Extreme weather during any season can be a concern for field technicians. Please see:


- Environment Canada weather radio website for weather warning information.



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