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Meet the Researcher Weekend


The Wildlife Research Station held its "Meet the Researcher Weekend" this past summer where 12 lucky visitors participated in an exciting weekend of learning as they lived the life of an Algonquin Park researcher.


Participants accompanied researchers into the field gaining hands on experience with the exciting research projects being conducted in Algonquin Park. They experienced first hand the techniques and procedures used in both field and remote laboratory settings, and gained an appreciation of Algonquin Park as a research laboratory. All participants had an exceptional time partaking in this unique experience!


"Meet the Researcher Weekend" is such an exciting, one of a kind chance to see how research is done in the Park. Due to the popularity of the workshop and it's limited space, it is fully booked for 2015.


To register for the 2016 workshop contact Lori at The Friends of Algonquin Park at (613) 637-2828 ext. 236. Limited enrollment - register early to guarantee your spot!


Visit The Friends of Algonquin Park website for more information.




Small mammal researcher Francis Stewart shows

the group how to process a red squirrel

Small mammal researcher Kelsey Gunn helps

participant measure the skull length of a red squirrel

Participant holds a garter snake



Pollinator Erika Nardone explains how her malaise

trap works to capture insects

Birder Corey Reeves shows the device used to

capture birds from their cavity nests

Participant Dawn Sherman admires

a painted turtle


Researcher shows the plastron of a painted


Researcher David LeGros speaks to group about amphibians while holding a Gray Tree Frog

Turtle researchers Matt Keevil and Julia Riley measure the plastron of a snapping turtle



  Thank you to the Friends of Algonquin Park for photo contributions and video  


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