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1. Research Authorization


** Please note that this process can now be completed online**


Every individual or group seeking permission to conduct research in Algonquin Park must submit a detailed outline of the proposed research to the Park Superintendent at: Box 219, Whitney, Ontario K0J 2M0, prior to the start of their project. A copy of your approved research proposal should be sent to the WRS manager prior to the commencement of your research.

The outline should include:


- A statement detailing the nature and objectives of the project, its scientific value and necessity, and any spatial and temporal relationship to larger or other research programs.

- Why research in Algonquin Park and not some other location?

- Are there any benefits to the Ministry of Natural Resources?

- Include a detailed outline of the proposed schedule of operations.

- Will the environment and/or Park users be affected by the research activities?

- A statement of any special measures required in support of the research project.

- The name, address, qualifications, and credentials of any agency or agencies which support, or may support, the project through advice, grants, bursaries, equipment, and supplies, etc.

- Whether any research stations will be used and the precise locations of all research sites.

- Copies of any valid permits you may already have from other agencies, which may govern the collection, killing, or moving of specimens or artifacts. Note that these permits or licenses, while necessary requirements, do not in themselves, constitute authority to carry out the activities in question within Provincial Parks.


Some criteria that will be used in evaluating your proposal:


- Compatibility of the proposed research activities with the objectives and management policies of Algonquin Park.

- Potential of the proposed research to contribute to the objectives of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

- Competence and qualifications of the researchers; coherence and integrity of their research plan; compatibility and consistency with general understood local, regional, and provincial policies.


2. Collection Permits


If you are going to remove/collect any material from your study sites, a collection permit will be required. Permits are required for the collection of: plants, invertebrates, reptiles/amphibians, fish, and non-game animals. Permits can be obtained from the Park Biologist/Park Superintendent.


3. Animal Care Protocols


Any research involving vertebrates requires authorization from the respective University's Animal Care Committee. Before any research projects on vertebrates can commence at the WRS, a signed and authorized copy of your Animal Care Protocol must be on file. Please send an approved copy to the WRS manager.


4. Conditions governing research in Algonquin Park


Travel authorization cards are needed in all research vehicles. These cards must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard. They can be obtained from the East Gate, Algonquin Park 613-637-2780, ext 0.
A year-end report in two copies will be submitted to the Park Superintendent within one year of the project or study. You must complete and forward to continue your research!
If a project is to extend beyond the 12-month period of the permit, the year-end report will be considered as a renewal of a permit.
Complete citations for all theses and publications stemming from research conducted at the WRS should be sent to the WRS manager, to be included in the WRS bibliography.
Two copies of theses and publications resulting from research work will be submitted to the Park Superintendent, as they become available.


5. Interior rules for researchers


This section is designed to inform you of the restrictions that apply to your special travel authorization for travel within the interior of Algonquin Park. Depending on your needs, your authorization will be limited to: a particular area; season; work; and vehicle. Only those individuals and vehicles listed are allowed legal access into the Park interior. Any changes to the above must be authorized in advance by the Park Superintendent. It is imperative that all unmarked vehicles be registered with the Algonquin Park District Office. Any breaches of the above guidelines are liable to charges under the Trespass to Property Act.
It is preferred that you use designated campsites if you plan to stay overnight. Only when your work demands stays in the Interior, will you be allowed to recreate as a member of the public may. This means no motors or vehicles are allowed in your recreation.
If your work requires the use of specialized equipment i.e. outboards motors or ATV's, then specific prior permission must be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Park Superintendent.
Possession of cans and bottles in the interior is not permitted.


Algonquin Park Contacts:

Phone: 613-637-2780
Fax: 613-637-2864

Park Superintendent: Dave Coulas
Biologist in Charge of Research: Jennifer Hoare
Science Research in Ontario Parks: Click here
Vehicle Permits: East Gate Information (613) 637 - 2780 ext. 0


For more information, please contact the station manager.

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